Cory Miller Vlog Intro Animation

Cory Miller edits and uploads a vlog everyday. His vlog is a condensed look into his personal life. Cory shares personal updates, professional insight, and really pretty visual shots. His vlog can be found on his YouTube Channel.

An example of one of Cory’s vlogs can be found below:


Each vlog has a short intro sequence featuring Cory’s brand mark, and current episode number. This intro can be see at 0:25 in the above video. I have attempted to improve upon this intro sequence by creating an alternative version.


The primary goal of this revised intro is to no longer disrupt the flow of the video. The intro is intended to be overlaid on top of Cory’s footage, using the audio from that footage. The intro is also designed to clearly communicate the current episode number.


The intro uses primarily a clean pure white, as well as Cory’s brand blue.




This short intro was created to be displayed in each of Cory Miller’s vlogs, informing the audience of the current episode number.

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