Kyle Adams Custom Intro Animation


Kyle Adams designs custom icons and illustrations. He is starting to do video tutorials, and came to me to create a custom animated intro for them. Kyle needed this intro to convey his logo, the camera icon, and the title of the video.


I started off by looking at the final camera icon, and breaking it off into smaller bits that were easier to work with. I brainstormed ways that I could form the shapes together in an interesting way. I printed off several sheets of paper containing the icon, and outlined the parts I was working with, then wrote about how I would animate each part.


I then made a plan for how I would time each part of the animation, I wanted to make it easy for the viever to examine most of the animation while keeping it in a reasonable time frame.



After my planning was done, I brought the illustrator documents into After Effects. I started off with some aesthetic touches, such as the popping circle. This was not in my original plan, but I decided to include it because it added some delight to the animation. From here on consisted of very meticulous animation of hundreds of shapes.


After the camera icon was finished, I incorporated Kyle’s logo, and a space for him to place the title of his video. Because the title of the video would need to change for each episode, the document was set up in a way that makes it simple for Kyle to change it each time.


Final Product


Created using icon designer Kyle Adams’ video camera illustration, this intro was created to be used for his own video content.

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